Fun but Helpful Items for Kids


As kids grow older it’s always fun to watch them develop, learn to speak, from personalities and develop little quirks unique to them. There are some steps that aren’t as fun but can be made into a fun experience such as potty training. Below are some products that help you

Faucet Extender and Bathtub Spout Cover

The faucet extender makes hand washing easier by attaching a faucet extender to the bathroom sink and it also makes it a fun experience for the kid. The faucet extended is usually a two-piece system that brings the water flow closer to the front of the sink and provides an extension to the faucet lever so kids can turn the water on and off easily after going potty. The Bathtub Spout Cover helps to prevent any bumps in the tub, by covering the faucet. There are designs that come as an elephant- or hippo-shaped bathtub spout cover allows water to flow while protecting your toddler’s fingers from hot metal faucet spouts or accidental bruises and bumps when playing near the fixture during bath time.

Soft-Soled Shoes and Baby Bows

Make sure those first steps are well supported. Soft soled shoes and baby bows for toddlers promote balance by flexing and bending with each step and are able to hold up a toddlers hair from falling in their face. As a bonus, the elastic ankle feature ensures the tiny shoes stay in place, even on the most curious toddler. The baby bows are important because as a girl’s hair starts to grow they might be tempted to play with it or be continually distracted by the hair hence the importance of baby bows. They also are fashion accessories and infuses style and color into an outfit.


Sippy Cups

Sippy cups are the great next steps after bottles. Growing kids need to learn how to hold and drink from their own cups. Starting with cute and fun cups will encourage the kids to want to hold the cups and feed themselves.

Potty Training Seat and Training Pants

The potty training seat is great for keeping your little one safe and cozy during their time on the big potty. There are Disappearing Potty Seats that attaches to your existing toilet seat and tucks up into the lid via magnets when not in use. The slow-closing lid keeps little fingers from getting pinched. If you’re a working mom, it’s a good idea suggest you take off Friday and bang this out in a long weekend. This is important because you need to quarantine yourselves in your home for three entire days, no exceptions till the kid are potty trained. “The parent(s) needs to know that it will take work and you have to dedicate a full three days to the child. This means giving up ‘me’ time. You won’t be cooking, cleaning or visiting with friends—or ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ You will seriously be spending all waking hours with your child for three days. Have your shopping done and meals prepared ahead of time. Do the laundry and clean the house prior to starting. Be ready to play games, color, watch cartoons and just enjoy some bonding time with your child.” says Lora Jensen, author of “3-Day Potty Training.” You’ll need some items for potty training so pick up a few T-shirts that will cover your kid’s private area because your child will be going commando for three days. The theory is if he knows the diaper isn’t there to catch the pee or poop, it should click he needs to get his bare butt to a potty. As soon as the potty becomes interesting, introduce your toddler to his or her first pair of washable big kid underwear.

Bed Side Rail

After you’ve upgraded your child from a crib to a big kid bed, keep him or her safe with a protective side rail. There are good rails in the market that feature a 20-inch tall protective barrier that stretches 56-inches along the edge of the bed. When morning comes, simply fold down the rail until nap time and your mind will be at peace when your kid is asleep.

Two-Piece Pajamas and Two-Piece Swimsuits

Two-piece pajamas make evening and morning visits to the potty simpler because they pull off and on easily. Also, playing in the pool with a toddler can often mean frequent potty breaks. Keep trips to the bathroom quick and simple by slipping your little one into a two-piece swimsuit.


Stepping Stool and Table Booster Seat

Once toddlers discover how to make those little legs move, they’ll be everywhere. Stepping stools make it easy for toddlers to reach the toilet seat, wash his hands at the sink, help you at the kitchen counter, and get in and out of a big kid bed. Look for stools that offer a no-slip grip for tiny toes to stay put and a non-skid bottom to keep the stool securely in place. For high chairs, when your baby outgrows his or her high chair, move them into an elevated booster seat. Check for seats with good features such as safety straps to keep kids in place and a removable back insert to help safely position your child as he grows and fills the seat. Booster seats are perfect for use at home, in restaurants, or on visits to see friends and family.